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Policies and Procedures at SGI

SGI policies and procedures are designed to ensure that all students get the most out of their time with us.  These policies cover a range of areas, including: Health and Safety, Inclusion and Equality, Behaviour and Discipline, Child Protection.  Below, we have put together summaries of these policies and procedures with all essential and relevant information.


Arrival Policy for Individual Students

  • For students who have booked a transfer from the airport, the homestay hosts are notified in the week prior to your arrival with the time they can expect you. 
  • If you are making your own way to your accommodation, could you please either advise the school, or contact the host family directly to ensure that someone will be at home to greet you.

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Transfer Service for Under-18s

  • SGI arranges arrival and departure transfers on request.
  • We strongly recommend that all under 18s book the SGI transfer service.
  • An SGI representative will meet the student at the arrival gate of the airport.
  • All our representatives meeting under 18s are DBS checked and work for contracted taxi firms. They undergo thorough employment checks and will carry ID with them at all times.  

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Complaints Procedure

  • We always try our best to provide an excellent service, but if for any reason you are not satisfied, or feel you would like to complain about something, we encourage the problem to be brought to our attention as soon as possible. 
  • We promise we will listen to all complaints, take all complaints seriously, take fast, efficient and appropriate action to deal with any complaints, and deal with all complaints fairly taking into consideration the views of all concerned.
  • In the event of an academic complaint, first discuss the issue with your class teacher.  If this is not successful, speak to the Director of Studies.
  • In the event of a registration or accommodation complaint, first discuss the problem with the member of the customer care staff that had been dealing with your registration and accommodation.  In the event of a complaint not being dealt with successfully by our customer-care staff, then you should ask to make an appointment with the School Director.
  • In our experience, a meeting with the School Director will always bring about a satisfactory resolution to the complaint. However, if this is not the case, you can contact the independent ombudsman of English UK to register your complaint. Their judgement is binding on the college. English UK Tel: +44 (0)20 7608 7960

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Child Protection Policy and Procedures for Care of Under-18s 

  • We are committed to our duty, as set out in the Education Act (2002) and the Children’s Act (2004) to protect young people from physical, sexual and emotional harm and provide a secure environment where students feel safe and are kept safe.
  • The welfare of under-18s is of paramount importance at all times.  All staff must comply with the SGI Child Protection Policy and Code of Behaviour and SGI is committed to ensuring that all staff have the right skills, knowledge and resources to protect young students from harm.

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Health and Safety Policy Statement

  • Our policy is to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all our employees, and to provide such information, training and supervision as they need for that purpose. We also accept responsibility for the health and safety of other people who may be affected by our activities.
  • The allocation of duties for safety matters and the particular arrangements which we will make to implement our policy are set out in detail within the SGI staff induction handbook. The particular arrangements cover in detail issues such as fire safety, allocation of responsibilities, general arrangements, such as named first aiders, and a response to incidents.The policy is reviewed annually. 
  • The school has three qualified first-aiders, Michael Davies, Fidan Dadashova and Rebecca Austin.  They are able to administer emergency first aid.
  • As part of our commitment to the safety of our staff and our students we regularly assess the risks associated with our business as required under the ‘Management of Health and Safety at work regulations 1999.
  • In the case of a serious accident or incident requiring a doctor, call 999 and ask for an ambulance.  The contact details of the nearest hospital are: 
    • Accident and Emergency, University College Hospital
      Ground Floor, 235 Euston Road
      London, NW1 2BU
      Tel: 0845 1555000
  • In less serious circumstances there are two possibilities:
    • An NHS centre, available to EU citizens:
      Soho Walk-In Centre,
      1 Frith Street, Soho Square,
      London W1D 3HZ, Tel: 020 7534 6500. 
    • For non-EU students, and those wanting private care:
      Victoria Station Concourse,
      London, SW1V 1JT, Tel: 0207 5100314.
  • In serious cases, the school Director will contact the student’s family. 

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Child Protection Policy and Procedures for Care of Under-18s 

  • We are committed to our duty, as set out in the Education Act (2002) and the Children’s Act (2004) to protect young people from physical, sexual and emotional harm and provide a secure environment where students feel safe and are kept safe.
  • The welfare of under-18s is of paramount importance at all times.  All staff must comply with the SGI Child Protection Policy and Code of Behaviour and SGI is committed to ensuring that all staff have the right skills, knowledge and resources to protect young students from harm.
  • For further details, please see our Child Protection Policy, which includes Safeguarding under-18s, E-Safety, and Anti-Radicatlisation and Extremism.
  • You can also contact the Safeguarding Team, which consists of Michael Davies (Designated Safeguarding Lead), Stephen Bell and Fidan Dadashova (Safeguarding Officers).   If you are concerned abour an under-18 student, please contact a member of the safeguarding team.
  • SGI applies rigorous recruitment and employment practices, ensuring that DBS checks are always made at the appropriate level, and that teacher’s references are always received and checked. 
  • We adopt an ongoing culture of vigilance within the school to minimise the opportunities of abuse of any kind to occur.

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E-Safety Policy

  • The E-Safety Policy sets out our commitment to ensuring our learners are ‘e-safe’.  The term ‘e-safety’ refers to the process of limiting the risks to young people using the internet, emila, mobile phones, games consoles, social networking sites etc. 
  • We are committed to ensuring user behaviour is appropriate, that storage and use of images and personal information is secure and meets legal requirements, and that all incidents with threaten e-safety are managed appropriately. 
  • All student users of IT must adhere to the standards of behaviour set out in Code of Behaviour and follow SGI guidelines when using email, mobile phones, social networking sites, games consoles, chat rooms, video conferencing and web cameras, etc.  Any conduct considered illegal will be reported to the police.

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Student Support for Under-18s

  • SGI recognises it is important to establish a relationship with under-18 year old students and to provide pastoral care, as well as advice and guidance.  This responsibility will primarily come under the remit of the Student Support Officer.  All under-18 students will have regular contact with Student Support Officers and will attend regular tutorials to discuss their progress and general wellbeing. 
  • The student Support Team includes the Student Support Officers; Michael Davies, Sarah Leaf and Stephen Bell. They monitor and track the wereabouts of all under-18 whilst under our care. 
  • It will be made clear to the students that they must attend all classes and that all absenses must be authorised.  In the case of an unathorised absence, the student will be first be spoken to and then his or her parents may be contacted. 
  • Special attention is given to under-18s on all social programme activities: risk assessments are regularly conducted and all activity leaders must follow safeguarding procedures.

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Discipline and Behaviour Policies and Procedures



  • Thankfully, SGI students almost always have an excellent attitude to learning, and as such, discipline and behaviour is almost never a problem. 
  • We expect all students to follow our Code of Conduct. 
  • You must treat all members of the SGI community with respect at all times: any form of bullying, harassment or abuse will not be tolerated.    


  • Any case of unacceptable or abusive behaviour is taken very seriously and is dealt with through clear and fair displinary procedures.  
  • In most cases, disciplinary action takes the form of a verbal warning.
  • In extreme cases SGI reserves the right to exclude a student who has behaved in a completely unacceptable way. This may be as a result of, for example, physical or verbal abuse of students, teachers or staff; discrimation, such as racism, sexism or xenophobia, or; attempts to influence the religious views of other students. 

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Attendance, Absence and Lateness Policy



  • All students are encouraged to attend all lessons.  We expect students to attend a minimum of 80% of their course. 
  • We monitor attendance.  If your attendance falls below 80%, we will speak to you.  If your attendacne does not improve, it may result in a formal warning.  Students who do not attend 80% of the course will not recieve an end-of-course certificate; it will be noted on any future reference, and; it could result in exclusion. 


  • If you are unable to attend a class, it is important to let us know via telephone or email.  The school office can be contacted on: 0207 299 1700, or by email: 
  • There may be occasions when you can request an authorised absence, for example, to visit an embassy, make visa arrangements, or you visit a doctor.  In these cases, you must inform the school and have the relevant documentation e.g. an appointment reservation or a doctor’s note. 
  • For one-to-one students, it’s particularly important you contact us if you are absent.  We have a 24 hour cancellation policy – if you inform us in advance of 24 hours, we will rearrange the one-to-one lesson; if not, the lesson missed is lost.


  • All students are encouraged to be on time for their lessons. 
  • Teachers do not allow students to join the class if they arrive after 9.45am in the first lesson, or after 11.35 in the second lesson. Similarly, if they return from lunch after 13.45 they will not be allowed into your afternoon class.
  • If a student is persistently late, the teacher will speak to the student in private to explain the disruption this causes the class. Further persistent lateness will be reported to the Director of Studies.

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Inclusion and Equality Policies

  • SGI recognises the benefit of having a diverse community, with individuals who value and respect one another , and the different contributions they make.
  • We are commited to promoting tolerance, respect and understanding of “other” cultures as well as challenging inappropriate attitutdes and behaviours.
  • All members of the SGI community are expected to comply with our Inclusion and Equality Policies which include policies on Equal Opportunities and Diversity, Disabilities and Special Educational Needs, and Anti-Bullying and Harassment. 


  • Discrimiation is against the law (see Equality Act, 2010) and are opposed in all forms at SGI.
  • We appose discrimination on the basis of the following characteristics: gender; marital or civil status, pregnancy or maternity, any gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief (including no religion or belief), and age.
  • Students who feel they are being discriminated against, or witness discrimination, should talk to a member of staff. Alternatively, a student can follow SGI’s formal Complaints Procedure (see Complaints Policy).  We treat all cases seriously and urgently.  Allegations regarding discrimination will be treated in confidence and investigated in accordance with the complaints procedure.
  • Disciplinary action may be taken against any member of the school community who is found to have acted in contravention of this policy.

Bullying, harassment and victimisation

  • We are committed to creating and maintaining a safe learning environment, secure and free from bullying, harassment and victimisation. 
  • We encourage all students to report any discovered or suspected case.  It is important to raise any concern, no matter how small or trivial it may seem. 
  • We are committed to supporting all students who are the victim of bullying or harassment.  For further details, particularly with respect to reporting and disciplinary procedures,


  • SGI’s ethos is non-denonminational and we expect everyone to respect the rights and freedom of the individual.
  • We will consider all requests from students with religious or cultural needs, such as provision for a prayer room, and we will make reasonoble efforts to accomodate theise requests where appropriate.

Extremism and Radicalisation

  • There is no place for extremist views of any kind at SGI. 
  • Our students see SGI as a safe place where they can explore controversial issues in the classroom safely and where our teachers encourage and facilitate this – we have a duty to ensure this happens. 
  • Extremism is defined as the following:

vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs; and/or calls for the death of members of our armed forces, whether in this country or overseas.

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Disabilities and Special Educational Needs Policy and Procedures

  • We are an inclusive school which welcomes students with disabilities and special educational needs.
  • We will do all that is reasonable to ensure that the school’s curriculum, ethos, culture, policies, procedures and premises are made accessible to everyone.

Disclosing a disability

  • Please notify SGI if you have any disability or learning difficulty.  You can disclose information at any time but ideally it is best as soon as possible so that provision and adjustments can be made. 
  • If you make a dislosure, you will asked the nature of your disability and will have the oppportunity to discuss in complete confidence, any additional support needs you have.  Confidential information of this kind will only be communicated on a ‘need-to-know’ basis.  With your permission, this information will be passed onto appropriate individuals. 
  • We will ask for written reports and other relevant information to allow us to make a fair assessment of how best to support you.


  • The ground floor at SGI is completely accessible and appropriate for students with a mobility issue. Please inform us in advance if you require your classes to be held on this level of the building.
  • Toilet facilities are suitable for wheelchair access.
  • On-site parking is not available. However, there is a drop-off point next to the ground level entrance of the school.
  • We encourage all students to participate in our after school Social Programme.  However, some activities (e.g. guided walks) may be less accessible for students with mobility issues. If you have any questions, please ask the office to arrange a meeting with our Social Programme coordinator.

Adjustments and Provisions

  • We will make reasnoble adjustments to ensure that learners with a disability are not disadvantaged.  For example, for students with a visual impairment, learning materials can be provided in large print or on coloured paper upon request.  For students with a hearing impairment, it is possible to make an audio recording of your lessons with a smart phone or you can access tape recorders/dictaphones from the school.
  • If you are planning to sit an exam, please let us know about their specific requirements so we can liaise with examining body regarding examination adjustments. 

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