Parallel Lives – teacher and film maker

Double Take

By day a mild mannered English teacher, by night a crime fighter and international super-hero….. …well, not quite. For the last 2 years I have been teaching English here at SGI in the mornings, which leaves my afternoons and evenings free to pursue a career as a documentary film maker.

The Glamour

As a freelancer, I have to produce, direct, edit, market and distribute my own films so unfortunately 90% of my time is not spent behind a camera. Instead, I am stuck behind a desk writing emails and promoting my films. It’s not all terrible though. Last year I spent two amazing weeks filming in Japan for Crazy Talk. It was an unforgettable experience and gave me a chance to practise the language I had spent so much time studying.

The Films

I have made 3 documentary films so far: Petra – This is the story of a woman’s fight against terminal cancer. 9 years ago Petra was given 6 months to live but she refuses to give up because her children need their mother. Superstonic Sound: The Rebel Dread – One man, one city, one love… one sound! This film is about Don Letts and the musical/cultural history of BASS in Britain. Following 3 generations of DJs in the Letts family, this documentary charts the impact of Jamaican BASS and how it changed British music and society forever. Crazy Talk (Kyogen) – This is the documentary I’m finishing now. Ondrej Hybl dreams of becoming the first foreign actor in traditional Japanese theatre, a closed world within a closed society, but is Japan ready for this intruder?

An Invitation

My latest film Superstonic Sound :The Rebel Dread is having its premiere at London’s famous Institute of Contemporary Arts in Piccadilly on Wednesday 6th October @ 6.30. I invite you all to come and see the film as well as a Question & Answer session with me and the legendary DJ, Don Letts, the subject of the film. Tickets: Box Office: 0207 930 3647

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