Oxford….City of Dreaming Spires

Oxford has a decidedly bookish air almost tangible in the atmosphere as you wander past the many impressive buildings. Not surprising really when you consider that Oxford boasts the oldest university in the entire English-speaking world, and life in this genteel ‘city of dreaming spires’ is thoroughly dominated by academia and scholarly endeavour. To underline this point, the city contains the famous Bodleian library, the research library of Oxford University, whose present buildings can be traced back to 1602. An extension of this library, is the building known as the Radcliffe Camera, this outstanding building is one of Oxford’s iconic landmarks. The number of famous people that have studied and done research at Oxford University, is as you might imagine an extremely long list that includes Sir Walter Raleigh (explorer), Alexander Fleming (Penicillin), J R Tolkein (author of The Lord of the Rings) and of more recent relevance, Tim Berners-Lee who is credited for inventing the Internet…..imagine that on your CV!

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