Overwhelmed – Word of the day 8

In a short article, you can see how a word about the Olympics is being used in the British media. Any new vocabulary/phrases that may be difficult for you are highlighted in bold and then explained in the vocabulary glossary below the text.   Olympic Word of the day No#8 –


sopraffatti, abrumado, перегружены, accablé, boğulmuş, 圧倒, طغت, überwältigt, megrendül, перевантажені, 不堪重負, zahltení, osvaja, συγκλονισμένοι, אָוווערוועלמד


verb: to overwhelm to be overwhelmed: to have a strong emotional effect on somebody   Synonyms: overcome, moved, affected, touched, left speechless

Olympic Story

Apparently, to get the full experience of winning an Olympic gold, you’ve got to stand on the top step of the podium and beomce totally overwhelmed with full on tears and blubbing like a baby. Correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems like more and more athletes are breaking down in tears at these games than any other before. Maybe it’s because I have been concentrating on the British athletes and because they are on home soil with their family and friends there in support, it’s just all a bit too much for them and they just can’t stop themselves from crying. Of course, famously we are meant to be able to keep a stiff upper lip and Olympians should be made of sterner stuff, but the fulfilment of a lifetime dream in front of your nearest and dearest can break down even the toughest emotional wall. The Scots are probably generally tougher than the English (I think it has something to do with the cold weather up there in Scotland) but even the very masculine, Scottish powerhouse Sir Chris Hoy couldn’t stop his emotions getting the better of him as he won his sixth and final Olympic gold medal before he retires.

What’s your opinion?

Is it only natural that athletes cry uncontrollably when they win an Olympic gold? Or is it unnatural if the athletes DON’T cry when they win? Should the athletes be able to keep their emotions under control and maintain an air of dignity?

Vocabulary Glossary

full on tears
crying a lot
to blub like a baby
crying a lot
to break down in tears
crying a lot
to be on home soil
to be in your own country
to keep a stiff upper lip
to be able to be unemotional in an emotional situation, commonly said about the British
to be made of sterner stuff
to have a stronger character and be able to overcome problems more easily than other people
your nearest and dearest
your family and friends
describing someone who is VERY strong at sth

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