One-to-one private English lessons advantages

Which is better for improving your language skills level – private English lessons or a group class? Is one-to-one English tuition quicker for language acquisition? This is a really common question that you get asked at a language school.

Of course, every student is different, so it’s impossible to say with 100% certainty that 1-2-1 is better than a class with other students. However, having said that, there are some general conclusions that can be drawn based on the experience of many students who have studied English in London with us over the years.

A definite advantage of English lessons with a private tutor is that your lessons will be tailor-made specifically for you. At SGI London, before a student begins 1-2-1 tuition, our Director of Studies always carries out a ‘needs analysis’. This is where you are asked about your normal foreign language use, so that your teachers can create material which is designed to fit your English requirements.

For example, if you inform us that you want to work on perfecting a presentation, improving your conference calls confidence and email writing skills, then that is what you will work on with our English teachers.

Watch the video below to find out more advantages of having private English lessons…

It is probably true to say that the majority of students who have individual tutors at SGI are business people studying Business English. However, many people from General English and IELTS lessons in the morning, also have one-to-one lessons in the afternoon to boost their learning.

The benefits are clear – If you are studying IELTS and you are struggling with the listening part of the IELTS test, having your own teacher help you focus on techniques that will quickly improve your listening result is exactly what you need – focussed learning is effective learning.


  • Lessons are created specifically for your own language requirements
  • You have total personal attention from your teacher – you are learning all the time
  • You can ask for as much error correction, explanations and feedback as you want without worrying about any other students in the class
  • You can study at your speed. Go faster or slow down
  • You speak for the majority of the lesson time, so it is really intensive learning. You would have to study for much longer in a group class to speak for the same amount of time
  • You can work on confidential or sensitive work-related material that you would not want to share with other students
  • You practise, revise and re-use new vocabulary and grammar continuously
  • There are no interruptions or distractions from other students
  • You only speak with a teacher, not in pairs or groups with other students who are also learning English and can make mistakes

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To find out more about how private lessons can improve your English, speak to Nina in our school office on +44 (0) 207 299 1700 or email her:

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