On the London Tube with celebrities

London is full of people… about 12 million of them!

But as it is possibly the coolest city in the world, it is also packed full of rich and famous people.

Normally, celebrities like sports and movie stars travel around the streets of London in blacked out people carriers or in an expensive, chauffeur-driven Mercedes-Benz.

But sometimes, just sometimes, you can see a world-famous celebrity on the streets of London just doing what all the ‘normal people’ do.

Here you can see Tom Cruise nearly getting hit by a London double decker bus!

He was filming the latest Mission Impossible movie at Piccadilly Circus (which is just 8 to 10 minutes walk from the school).

He should have looked down at the road before he crossed – at every crossing, there is always a sign painted on the road telling you which way to look so that you will see the traffic coming towards you!

Tom Cruise Nearly Hit By London Bus While… by rafamarquezmx

And as you can see in the picture of this blog, Nicole Scherzinger was doing the everyday, normal activity of getting on The Tube this last Sunday.

Apparently, it was her first time on the London Underground and not in a limo.

Do you think she looks like a normal Londoner? Nicole is currently starring in the musical CATS.

The SGI London student social programme has a theatre trip to see CATS on February 10th. The tickets will be £26 (which is a massive discount on the normal ticket price).

To see the other musicals that the SGI English students will be visiting in January and February, watch the video for a round up of dates and prices.

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