Olympics Podcast 2: The Opening ceremony

As an addition to our Real & Relevant Podcasts of completely natural conversations, here is the second of our discussions about the London Olympics. Unlike our Real and Relevant normal podcasts with only native speakers that are English teachers, I am talking with one of my students, Zsuzsanna, who is a non-native speaker of English (but almost fluent). The Olympics podcasts are intended to be shorter than normal, but last night’s events were so long that we had a lot to talk about today. Tomorrow, we will return to the shorter version… unless something BIG happens! 🙂 Just to let you know, Zsuzsanna is not into sport at all. I am a big sport fan, so obviously we will share different opinions on The Olympics!   OLYMPIC POD SUBJECT: The Opening Ceremony   YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THIS PODCAST FREE FROM iTunes.     Click on that link OR follow these instructions….

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