New English Word – YUMMIES

New word in English for 2014 There is a super-new, hip new English word that is being talked about right now all over the internet and in newspapers in the UK. The latest word to join the English language (which will surely enter the Oxford Dictionary this year) is YUMMIES. You may have previously heard of the word YUPPIES, which stands for Young Upwardly Mobile Professional People.

New English word

So, YUPPIES describes a specific type of person in society. It first came about in the 1980s and has been used by people in advertising and marketing ever since.   What is an ACRONYM? Just like YUPPIES, this latest addition to English is also a noun which is an acronym. An acronym is a word that is formed by using the first letter of other words. For example, VIP = Very Important Person ASAP = As soon as possible CD = Compact Disc SMS = Short Message Service ATM = Automatic Teller Machine BBC = British Broadcasting Corporation   So what does YUMMIES mean? Young Urban Males This is a ‘new’ social group identified and described by people who work at the international banking corporation HSBC.   What do YUMMIES do? FASHION: They follow fashion trends very quickly. (To use marketing terms, they are ‘innovators’ or ‘early adopters’) MARRIAGE: They get married when they are older, so they can buy themselves things that they want, rather than spending money on husbands, wives or children. APPEARANCE: A new definition of what it is to be a man in today’s society is “Taking pride and greater confidence in maintaining a well-groomed appearance” is the number one thing for YUMMIES. The type of man that makes sure that he looks good and clean by using face, hair and body products is now in the majority in society.   What’s the difference between YUMMIES and metro-sexuals? Metro-sexual was a phrase that was first heard of 20 years ago. This describes a man who spends a lot of time and money on shopping and looking good. However, this was not a common, or mainstream, idea back then. Now, this has definitely changed and YUMMIES describes the metro-sexual man, but nowadays it is a very common thing.   YOU MAY ALSO LIKE… Acronyms – R.E.M. R.I.P.

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