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eBay is an online auction house which sells products via the internet, or so most people thought. The company behind eBay have just opened up a shop in the heart of London’s West End and hope to cash in on Christmas shoppers. Yet, several passers-by seem rather confused by this new venture like Simon Dawson who asks “I thought it was only online, so what’s it doing here?”.

Cleverly titled “the eBay boutique” and situated only a stone’s throw away from bustling Oxford Street, the shop represents a small-scale experiment to test the water for a possible full-scale marketing invasion in the new year. So far, the idea seems to be paying off and is attracting attention all across London. What is most striking when customers visit is the complete lack of tills. Instead, a range of bestselling products can be seen on display which include a hotchpotch of high- and low-end brands and products like popular perfumes and a range of digital cameras. The sole purpose of this bare-bones approach is for customers to get the chance to see what otherwise would just be a tiny image on a screen. When they find something they want, all they need to do is take a snapsot of a QR code and enter their payment details and their order is processed straightaway. The outlet even caters to men and women with a separate “girlie boudoir” and “bloke’s paradise“.

Responses to this initiative have been divided with critics finding it rather ironic to have a shop for internet goods while local shoppers have even called it “brilliant and groundbreaking”. According to local resident Dorothy LeTourneur, there are no endless queues or cumbersome shopping bags. And with next day delivery available on some items, eBay looks set to revolutionise the shopping experience again.

It’s still not sure whether this trend will catch on but as the bulk of sales still come via bricks and mortar stores, eBay may be able to tap into both markets and provide a unique shopping experience all in time for Christmas.

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Phrases about Shopping and London

Auction house
A place where you bid for goods
the company behind eBay
The owners of eBay
in the heart of London’s West End
Based in the centre of the West End
to cash in on Christmas shoppers
To take advantage of people buying Christmas presents
People who walk past
a stone’s throw away
Very close by
bustling Oxford Street
Extremely crowded Oxford Street
to test the water
To do an experiment to see if it works
full-scale marketing invasion
An intensive marketing campaign
to be paying off
It works and is giving benefits/showing good results
What is most striking
What gets your attention
a hotchpotch of high- and low-end brands
A mix of expensive and cheap brands
bare-bones approach
A very basic method
take a snapshot
Take a photograph
QR code
A Quick Response code. A small black and white square barcode
The outlet even caters to men and women
The shop provides services/good for both sexes
girlie boudoir
A room just for women with feminine products
bloke’s paradise
A room just for men with masculine products
Responses to this initiative have been divided
There are 2 different opinions about it
New and innovative
endless queues
Long lines of people waiting at the tills
cumbersome shopping bags
Bags that are Large and difficult to carry
eBay looks set to revolutionise the shopping experience
It seems that eBay will change how we buy things
this trend will catch on
The fashion will become popular
the bulk of sales
The majority of products sold
bricks and mortar stores
Physical shops and not internet sites
to tap into both markets
To take advantage of the 2 markets


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