Negative words? – Eurovision 2012

This is a text about the recent Eurovision song contest. Negative words and ones about types of music are highlighted and explained at the bottom. Don’t forget to do our Eurovision quiz too.

It’s cheap, the songs are terrible, the performances are abysmal, the dancing is ridiculous and the outfits are just plain silly but we still watch the Eurovision Song Contest. Why? What is it about this group of amateur performers that people like to watch every single year?

For those of you who don’t know, the Eurovision is a singing contest that is held in May every year. Each participating country chooses 1 singer or group to represent them. This involves a competition so that only the best are chosen, or that’s the idea anyway. Then, they all perform together and countries vote. The artist with the highest votes wins and hosts the next event.

What people seem to like about the Eurovision is that it’s fun, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. the presenters are quite light-hearted and the way they speak is even tongue-in-cheek. The songs aren’t very professional and are very poppy. This is why this year’s UK entry was a bit surprising. 76 year old Engelbert Humperdinck sang a rather slow and traditional acoustic ballad. This is unusual because most Eurovision songs tend to be pop or disco songs. So, it came as no surprise that he finished 25th out of 26. England suffered another national disaster. Take a look at the video here:

In contrast, the winner was a much younger female singer called Loreen from Sweden who sang a modern dancy number, wore trendy clothes and actually danced. Not like Engelbert who wore a suit and just sang. Take a look here:

Some say England are cursed but maybe it’s just that we don’t enter good singers and songs. The UK music charts are full of great bands, some of the best in the world, so why do we enter such terrible performers who will never win?? Answers in the comments box please!!

Language about the bad parts of the Eurovision

1) Negative words

Didn’t cost a lot
Very bad
Really really bad
Incredibly bad or silly
Just plain silly
Honestly, quite stupid
A very low or beginner level
Aren’t very professional

2) Types of music

A pop song or very similar
Not serious
Acoustic ballad
A slow song with an acoustic guitar
A modern dancy number
An up-to-date dance song

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