Natural History Museum, Welcome Drinks, Soho Walk and We Will Rock You


This week got off to a bang with the usual Monday afternoon welcome drinks with Ben and the lovely Danielle. They took around fifteen students to the Adam and Eve for what has become the usual pub banter. I popped along a little later on to say ‘hi’ to everyone and there was plenty of talk around living in London and where’s best to go for a night out. Some of the suggestions included Camden and Angel, both of which are fairly funky cool places to go.

Despite the drizzle after a morning of rain, Owen and Jess took twelve students on the infamous walk around Soho and the centre of London. I hear that Leicester Square is looking like something out of the first world war as they are doing major development works and it looks like a building site. When they went down towards Downing Street (where the Prime Minister lives) the gates opened and a car with blacked out windows emerged, could it have been the Prime Minister?!  They also visited outside the Houses of Parliament there were a couple of protesters outside but most of them had been moved on with a couple of policemen keeping watch.

Wednesday saw Julia taking a group to the Natural History Museum. once inside the group split up but Julia took half of the group around  the Earth section where they looked at Volcanoes and had a go on the earthquake simulator, apparently everyone expected it to be more violent than it was! After that they went to the Mammals section of the museum and everyone was impressed at the size of the Blue Whale as they have an impressive life size model there.    

Thursday was the Queen extravaganza, with eleven students going to see the Ben Elton musical based around the songs from the hit band Queen. The story is set in the future and some people found it a little silly, but everyone absolutely loved the music and there was a little singing-along as people decided to join in from the crowd.

Right, well I’m of to organise next weeks events. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and see you all Monday!

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