Natural History Museum, Welcome Drinks, Soho Walk and the Theatre

On Monday myself and Ben took everyone for the usual welcome chat and drinks. It seemed that some of our longer term students were still nursing a hangover from celebrating their first St Patrick's day weekend! Ben spent his time discussing what are the best universities to go to as some students are looking at enrolling in an English university. The outcome was that you need to do your research as it very much depends on the subject that you want to study.

On Tuesday Owen and Jonathan went on the Soho walk. One of the most exciting parts of the walk was the detour to Carnaby Street to see one of the Gallagher brother’s boutique shops. Jonathan told me the most interesting fact from the walk was that Jon Snow discovered that cholera spreads through water and not through the air. Owen, as ever, is a fountain of knowledge! On Wednesday Danielle and Charlie took a couple of students to The Natural History Museum to see the dinosaurs. Everyone agreed that it’s an amazing building. They all enjoyed the dinosaur quiz and finding out that technically the ones that flew or swam are not classed as dinosaurs, although Charlie couldn’t remember what they are classed as! Thursday Owen took them to the theatre to see Comedy of Errors. They said that the first half was difficult to understand as the language was Shakespearian but that the second half was much easier and that everyone really enjoyed it. Anyone going to the Boat Party tonight, enjoy. Don’t forget the SGI Easter Party next Friday, check posters for details.

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