Natural English Conversation: English Gentlemen

This is English conversation as it really happens in the UK – totally natural and not simplified, changed or made artificial to help English students.

This is not the kind of recording that you get in an English textbook (actors reading artificially from a script in an unnatural way).

You can listen to English as if you were living in England and were having a conversation with friends that are native speakers of English.

In this pod, you can hear Charlie and Bren, who are British native speakers and also teachers at SGI English school in central London.

We hope that you can broaden your English vocabulary knowledge and develop your listening skills by listening repeatedly to these podcasts.

Podcast Subject: English gentlemen

In this podcast two Londoners speak about the following questions: Does the English gentleman still exist? What makes you a gentleman? Are English men very polite? Are English gentlemen good at speaking to women?

Podcast People: Charlie & Bren

Listen to English podcast

Please leave a comment to tell us what you think about the podcasts: Tell us anything that we can improve. Would you like to hear us discuss a particular subject? Any suggestions welcome!


1. Charlie and Bren talk about their favourite clothes

2. What do people from the UK think about the Royal Family?

3. Do British people like the Royal Family? (Part 2)

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