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Photography, music, films, visiting museums, football and other sports, festivals, creative writing, art, beer, cooking. These are all things my colleagues enjoy doing in their free time and that I would also love to do. Other people have hobbies. I have a baby. My New Hobby Like my co-workers I used to be quite an active person. In fact I still am. I used to study part-time, do photography, play football, organise big social gatherings and walk all around London. Now, I carry a baby, play with a baby, wash a baby, feed a baby, sing to a baby, stop a baby crying and walk all around the park with a baby. I sleep less, shave less and go out less. He has turned my life inside out and upside down, a full 360 degree spin. For example, I am writing this one-handed. He is in the other.

The Good and the Difficult I love it all. The rewards seem small from the outside. But every kick or movement, smile or laugh, coo or gurgle, each and every sign of change and progress fills my heart – as good as any goal scored, great photo taken or fantastic night out. It is true that it can be physically and emotionally tiring. It is difficult to find the right balance and I’ve found that you really need to be flexible. I am lucky to be an English teacher and work at SGI – I can do the classes that I want, work from home quite a lot and start later in the day if I need. The Future Having a baby is a great hobby; I’m really enjoying it and love him more than any of my previous free time activities! It is more time consuming but more satisfying than anything else I have ever done. And once I can play football and do photography with him it should get even better!

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