My English course was SGI – tastic!!!

Have you ever heard someone say that something or somebody was "chav-tastic"??? Maybe it sounds a bit strange? You might have tried to think about it and thought that the only word you can think of that sounds like that is fantastic. Well, when you are talking with friends in an informal situation, you can put 'tastic' on the end of most words to strongly emphasise the qualities of the first part of the word…it doesn't matter if it positive or negative. Examples: Dan: How was your Friday night out? Neil: Amazing. I was drunk-tastic. (Here, Neil is emphasising that he was VERY drunk. There is also a sense here that even though he was drunk and probably had a hangover the next day, he really enjoyed being drunk)   Gulnaz: How was that lesson that I missed this morning? Angela: Oh, it was Bren-tastic! (Here, Angela is emphasising that the teacher, Bren gave a lesson that was very typical for his style of teaching. It was the kind of lesson that you would always expect to receive from Bren)   So, I hope you have a fun-tastic day speaking English! Note CHAV: informal , derogatory (Southern English) a young working-class person whose tastes, although sometimes expensive, are considered vulgar by some.

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