Museum of London, Matilda, Welcome Drinks and a Walk!

On Monday Julia and Danielle went to the pub for the usual Welcome Drinks. They talked about the football, life in Saudi Arabia (especially as a woman – a lovely new student happily answered lots of questions!), as well as British TV programmes – 'Britain in a day' and 'Banged up abroad' which sparked a discussion about prisons in different countries! Jon and Marija took some students to the Museum of London on Tuesday, which is one of my personal favourites. They seemed to find it interesting. Everyone enjoyed watching the film on The Fire of London and they all learnt something new. Wednesday was the amazing theatre production of Matilda. Owen said that it was one of the best productions that he has seen in a long time and that it was very well done and that the child actors were fantastic. I was also told by the students that the songs were fabulous and that it was very funny and entertaining. It seems that Matilda is a winner all round! On Thursday Owen took four lovely French men on the 2000yrs of London walk. They were optimistic about the weather, but the heavens did eventually decide to open for a bit! I am not here next week, but there will still be a great social programme. If you have any questions or problems regarding it, please speak to either Danielle or Owen. Have a great weekend!

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