Mother Love Poem

Mothers Day Poem – Sunday 3rd April 2011

 Mothers are there to look after and care For you In your life No matter how you fare In life In love The truth is She will always be there. When you grow up There are things that you hate You think of yourself And never appreciate Her help Her love Things that make her great. You’ll always remember That she tells you to turn down your music Get on with your little brother And take care of him when he’s sick. It’s annoying that sometimes To have to put away your clothes Even though it’s your room And anything goes. She shouts “throw away things That you don’t need” I shout back That I just want her to leave You find out you can’t Go out or stay up late But she’ll clean up your mess And have dinner ready by 8. When I’m sad or lonely A hug is always there You can’t take back The love that she shared The older you get The wiser you become Look forward to seeing her And realise In life In love That there’s no one quite Like mum.

Phrasal Verbs

Look after
to care for someone or something
Grow up
to become an adult
Turn down
to lower sound volume
Get on with
to have a good relationship
Take care of
to care for someone or something, like look after
Put away
to place something back in the right place
Throw away
to put something in the bin / to discard
Find out
to discover
Stay up
to not go to sleep
Take back
to return something
Look forward to
to be excited about something in the future

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