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This text is about the super rich and what they spend their money on. Several phrases about money are highlighted and explained below. Leave a comment to one of the discussion questions and an English teacher will reply to you – a VERY good, free way to practise your English reading & writing   Rich people live a life that most of us will never experience. They have enough money to buy and do almost anything they want. Whether it be flying a fighter jet or having lunch on a deserted tropical island, money is no object for them. Companies like Red Carpet Enterprises organise events for the ‘mega-rich’ and their business is booming. Although the rest of Europe is feeling the pinch of the economic crisis, this London-based enterprise is doing better than ever. The company’s target market is top-level business people and millionaires who like to splash their money around. Some people may argue that they even have more money than sense. Spending 1 million dollars to hire an exotic island or having a champagne lunch onboard a huge luxury yacht are not normal activities. The Jet Business is another company aimed at the super-rich. It sells planes and the owner will fly to your house, wherever it is, to sell you one. Priced from $19m to over $90m, they mainly target executives and entrepreneurs who have money to burn. The rule seems to be that if you have enough money you can get anything you want. There are even companies that will fly you into space. It’s not unusual to hear of executives driving a sports car in the morning and a yacht in the afternoon. They spend money like there’s no tomorrow but they can afford it. There are about 12m millionaires in the world. Those in Asia Pacific are greater in number than in the US and explains why the luxury goods market stands at £1bn. However, the majority of these people actually prefer ‘experiences’ to physical products. They spend their money like it’s going out of fashion. A day hiking a mountain or taking a helicopter ride over a jungle is not unusual for them. An experience which is becoming more popular is relaxing at a private health spa hotel in the Maldives. Not just hiring a room but the entire hotel. This is an experience most of us will never have unless we suddenly come into a lot of money!  

Money phrases

money is no object
they have so much money that they don’t worry about prices
feeling the pinch
experiencing the negative effects of the economic crisis and having to spend less money
doing better than ever
being more successful than before
splash their money around
to spend lots of money
more money than sense
to spend money on things that aren’t important
have money to burn
tohave an endless supply of money
spend money like there’s no tomorrow
to spend a lot of money
spend their money like it’s going out of fashion
to spend a lot of money
come into a lot of money
to inherit or win a large amount of money


Comment Section Questions

Leave a comment and an English teacher will give you a reply   What would you spend your money on if you were one of the super rich? Would you prefer to have products or unique experiences?    

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