Monday Drinks, N-ice Walk… and that’s it!

On Monday, Juliet took a group of students to our local pub, the Cock, to "break the ice" , where she offered the students an "ice-cold" drink. The atmosphere is never "frosty" in the pub, but Juliet did "get snowed under" by all the different drink orders, and was given "the cold shoulder" by the barman. She replied: "chill-out, no need to get icy with me". One student then asked for an "ice-tea" – and whether he could order "an-ice burger" with lots of "chill-y" sauce… After a few hours, everyone flaked out and went home! On Wednesday, we thought the walk was "snow-go", but 5 students did brave the cold weather to join Owen and Jess, his faithful Poodle, on a "2000 years of London History" walk through the city. Jess loved running around in the snow on her little legs, but apparently had to spend the day in bed on Thursday! Owen was dressed in his motorcycle kit, which means that he was probably the best prepared for the cold weather, but the walk was "n-ice" and interesting! On Thursday… I have to apologize for cancelling the event. unfortunately, I live on one of the highest hills in London, and it seems I got more snow in my area than everyone else… All the trains from my station were cancelled, the buses were not going up and down the hill because the road was too bad… So instead we'll be visiting this exhibition and Christmas Market next week – on Thursday – and hopefully the weather will behave itself and not snow-me-in! (This is a picture of my street…) So join us next week, pub Monday, Theatre Wednesday, and photos and market Thursday! Enjoy your weekend and do please post your comments! Also – thanks to Dan and Gavin who participated in the writing of the first paragraph… and the weather jokes…

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