Modern Art, Theatre, and a Closed Market…

This week the teachers did their usual bit to entertain the lovely SGI students, but we did have a few drawbacks! On Monday all went well… What could go wrong in a pub! Dan bought a round of drinks for all and had a good chat!

On Tuesday… Owen took a group of students to Shakespear's Globe Theatre to watch "The Merry Wives of Windsor". The Globe is an open roof theatre, very enjoyable in the summer, but… here is the but! Tuesday, the heavens decided to open on London (rain very hard) and students, actors, and teachers got drenched (very very wet) – Having not brought their swiming suits out, they went home early and didn't get to enjoy this great play, which is really a shame! London Weather!!


On Wednesday it was Neil's turn to accompany a group to the Tate Modern. No incidents there, they took the tube to St Pauls and crossed the Millenium Bridge, wandered around the paintings, sculptures and other "modern" items on display.





On Thursday, I took around 20 students to the Leadenhall Market in the City of London, which was used in the Harry Potter films and may be best known as Diagon Alley, where Harry and his classmates buy all their magical equipment. The market is "supposed" to be open until 4pm, but when we got there, the market stalls were gone, the shops were empty or closed, and there were only a few businessmen enjoying an afternoon pint in the pubs… So we decided to activate plan B: Join the businessmen and have a quick drink and a chat, and then return to Bank station and visit the Royal Exchange – the old Trading Centre of the Bank of England. Unfortunately, this didn't please all the students and some left… but the remaining group had a chat in the pub about life in London, and life in general, and then went and admired (and dreamed about buying) the lovely jewellery and diamonds and watches displayed in the many luxury shops of the Royal Exchange. We had a good time in the end, but were all a little disapointed with the famous Leadenhall Market. It will not reappear on the social programme calendar! This is it for the weeks social events – I hope you enjoyed them despite the few glitches! Join us next week for a football 5 aside match and a visit to the Imperial War Museum! (see calendar for details!)

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