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If you like doing fashionable things then you’ll love this text about Milking.

Read the text, found out what it is, watch the videos, learn some related words and then do our quiz. Crazes come and go. What is cool this week usually isn’t by next week. A lot of fads nowadays start on Youtube. A video can quickly reach thousands of viewers in just a few days. So, a craze can spread around the world very quickly. One new internet hit is called ‘Milking’ but it doesn’t have anything to do with milking a cow or having a cup of tea. Like all the best crazes, the idea is simple: get a bottle or carton of milk and pour out its contents all over yourself. Milking has been labelled as “stupid and pointless” by one British newspaper. Other people have said it is a very dangerous activity and a waste of good milk. The internet craze started in the city of Newcastle in the North of England. The original video ‘Milking Newcastle’ was made for fun by a group of University students. In the short two-and-a-half minute clip posted online, several young people empty litres of milk over their heads in different places in the city. The video was uploaded to Youtube so their friends and family could see it. The video has gone viral and attracted almost 30,000 views on the internet. The students have inspired others across England and even the US to record their own versions.

Take a look at various people enjoying Milking:

Milking is not the first internet craze. Previous internet fads include ‘Planking’ which involved laying across an object and having a photo taken. People then uploaded the images to Facebook. Like Milking, it was called silly and dangerous by some groups. Take a look at this video:   So, if you would like to try Milking, here is a quick guide:

A how to guide to Milking

You need: 1) A bottle or carton of milk. 2) Some friends. 3) A mobile phone. 4) A public place. Step 1: Take your milk into a public place Step 2: Wait for the right moment Step 3: Tell your friend to record you Step 4: Open the bottle/carton of milk Step 5: Pour the milk over your head Step 6: Upload the video to YouTube Step 7: Count all the views

Useful language

short-term fashionable activities
as above
internet hit
something which is popular on the web
a short video
gone viral
when something attracts attention and is spread by users quickly around the world
motivated people to do something

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