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Bren has been with SGI English school since 2005. At first he was an English teacher teaching mainly Business English. In 2007, he moved abroad to progress his teaching career, but always returned to teach at summer school. Gradually over the years he has taken on more and more of a role connecting with our students via our website, student blog and our social media channels like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. In fact, he is so busy creating YouTube videos, images to help motivate you to learn English and conversation podcasts to help your listening skills etc for our students that this year for the first time, he didn’t have enough time to teach at SGI Summer School. You can always connect with Bren by interacting with him via our blog or on social media. You will always get an answer if you write a query about how to improve your English. Think of Bren as your English teacher that is always available, so that your SGI London experience can continue forever through our virtual English school on the web! 🙂

Here is some more info about him in his video…

Bren has worked at SGI English school in London since 2005

Have you seen our previous ‘Meet the staff’ videos (Linda, Joanne, etc…)? If you have been to SGI London, you will definitely have met some of these characters. If you are a future student, you can find out a bit more about the people who work in the office by watching the videos. It’s good to put a face to a name that you are emailing with, or on the phone too.

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