Meet and Greet, Madame Tussauds, Museum of London, Sightseeing AND Football!

Wow, this week has been busy! On Monday myself and Jonathon took some of the regulars as well as some newer faces to the pub for a drink and a chat. We talked about Italian superstitions as well as tattoos. I was also told by one of the Russian students that SGI has been a great experience compared to the two other school’s he’s been to; he said that we have a great study and social balance, and that the teachers have been really friendly. Just what we like to hear!

On Tuesday Julia took a select few on the sightseeing tour of Central London which started at Trafalgar Square. They learnt about Lord Nelson and that the expression “a stiff drink” comes from people drinking out of a barrel of brandy which was preserving Nelson’s stiff dead body.  They went through Horse Guards Parade where the Beach Volleyball will be held during the Olympics and also discovered that ‘Big Ben’ is the name of the bell and not the tower.


On Wednesday Jonathon and Charlie went to the Museum of London with a number of students. They were bowled over by the history of London and by the fact that there used to be Hippos many years ago. They also enjoyed learning about the Great Fire of  London and walking through the ages and into what was described to me as the Victorian pleasure garden!


Thursday was a busy day with Danielle taking 9 students to Madame Tussauds to see the celebrity wax figures. Apparently she lost most of them as soon as they got in, but it didn’t seem to bother her as I received a number of photos. I chose this one of Robbie Williams as he was a firm favourite of mine as a teenager and is truly British!


The SGI football team were out in force again against ex-teacher Gavin’s new work colleagues. This time we were victorious and won the game by 13-10 even though one of the Italians joined the opposition. I hear that despite Gavin’s valiant effort to keep coming at them from behind, he still let his team down. Some may say it serves him right for jumping the SGI ship!  Charlie and the boys deserve a pat on the back.

We’ve sold all the tickets for Ministry of Sound tonight, so I hope you all have a great time. Have a nice weekend!

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