Macbeth, Royal Gardens, Drinks and The V&A

This week started off with a theatre trip to see Macbeth. Everyone in the staff room were fighting over left over tickets as the famous actor James McAvoy was starring in it. It was a fantastic play despite the Shakespearean language being hard to follow.

On Tuesday Hannah and Owen did the lovely Royal Gardens Walking tour which goes through St James Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. They saw and learnt about lots of memorials including the Princess Diana Memorial fountain and the gold statue of Albert. They also learnt about the bombing in London and visited the pillars commemorating this. On Wednesday we went to the pub with the usual gaggle of students plus a few new ones. There was a lot of people. Hannah had an in depth conversation with Terrence and Helen about Hong Kong. There were conversations happening on cultures and different countries that people had visited. Thursday saw Hannah and five students go to the V&A museum. They saw a fantastic exhibition on Middle Eastern Photography that was about Muslim women in modern society and the best one was a picture of people praying. There was also a Hollywood Costumes exhibition on which some went to. Have fun this weekend.

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