Luckiest or unluckiest man ever? – English listening practice video

English listening practice - lucky or unluckyHere on the SGI Student blog, we try to choose the best internet content in English for you to enjoy. Why? Because when you are interested in what you are looking at and listening to, then your ‘language brain’ wants to understand it. So, your comprehension skills will work harder to understand as much as possible. Therefore, this is the best type of learning: short, entertaining and most of all – real language being used. I hope you enjoy this incredible story of the luckiest unlucky man ever!!!

English listening practice – How should I do it?

1. Watch the video – don’t worry if you can’t understand everything 2. Read all the vocabulary list below – learn the words you didn’t know… Watch the video a second time 3. Watch the video again – while reading the transcript (below) at the same time

Vocabulary Glossary

a fault
a problem, defect or mistake
to plunge
to fall suddenly
to go below the surface of some body of water
very strange or unusual
bound for…
to be going towards a specific place
to fall or drop down at a high speed
machinery that is not working properly
He must have thought he was a gonner
He definitely thought he was going to die
brush with death
something that almost causes you to die
sliding out of control in a car
broke suddenly
though / although / but
clinging to a tree
holding on very tightly to a tree
death defying
avoiding death

[Full transcripts]

English listening practice – full text

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