London Student Social Programme Musicals in April

The London scoial programme for the students at SGI English school is very special. Why?

Well, every week, we take our lucky students to see one of London’s top shows. Sometimes it’s a popular theatre play, or even Shakespeare at The Globe in the summer months.

But most weeks, we go to see a musical. As our students are learning English, it’s better to go to a musical because it is easier to understand than a long play with lots of difficult English words!

Over the years, we have probably visited every musical there is to see in London.

There are some shows though that become the students’ favourites. So, we mix up the programme to see some old favourites and new shows every month.

Check out the video below to see which musicals we will be visiting in the April Social Programme calendar.

Musical Trips in London for our English students in April

Here are the full details….


What: Phantom of the Opera – world-famous musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber with the story of a beautiful singer who is admired by a mysterious musical genius who hides in the Opera House of Paris

When: Thursday 7th April at 6:45pm

How Much: £25

What: Wicked (The Musical) – an alternative story behind the tale of the Wizard of Oz, following the lives of the two witches in the story.

When: Thursday 14th April at 6:30pm

How Much: £26

What: Mamma Mia – a musical based on the songs of ABBA

When: Thursday 21st April

How Much: £26

What: War of the Worlds – a progressive rock musical that tells the story of H.G.Wells’ The War of the Worlds science fiction novel

When: Thursday 28th April

How Much: £22

If you would like to see any of these musicals, you must register by writing your name down on the list at school reception. To make sure you get a ticket, you should do register at reception on the Monday or Tuesday at the start of the week of the theatre trip. There are only a few tickets available at the discounted prices, so it is first come first served.


To see the other events on the SGI Student Social Programme, (such as guided walking tours around London, gallery and museum visits, day trips outside of London to Brighton, Oxford and Cambridge and also nightclub events) please click here

You can hear about musicals and social programme memories from two ex-SGI students in the videos below. Maciej from Poland talks about when he visited the musical HAIR, and Anna from Japan speaks about her trip to The Beatles musical LET IT BE

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