London Social Programme for 2017 Jan and Feb

Our Social Programme around London every afternoon is something that adds to SGI students’ overall London experience.

It is important that after lessons finish, the students can enjoy themselves and see parts of the city that are outside of the normal tourist ‘things to do’.

The SGI English teachers always say that the students who make the most improvement with their English skills are the people that go on social programme events every day. This means that they continue talking English with other teachers and students in the school. So it’s like 100% immersion into the language, where you keep on practising speaking and listening – and it’s free! 🙂

So let’s have a look at some events for our student social programme for the beginning of 2017

Theatre, Musicals and Plays

There is a mid-week trip to one of London’s big shows every week on the SGI Social Programme.

The best bit, is that we get massively discounted tickets, so that you can enjoy London musicals for less than half price for a great seat.

See the above video for an idea of what to expect in the following shows…

Thu 5 Jan, 6.30pm – Wicked (£26)

Thu 12 Jan, 7.00pm – Cinderella (£26)

Tue 17 Jan, 6.30pm – The Lion King (£30)

Thu 19 Jan, 6.30pm – ENB Giselle (£32 – please note different price than in the above video)

Wed 1 Feb, 6.45pm – Aladdin (£30)

Wed 8 Feb, 6.30pm – Dreamgirls (£26)

Wed 15 Feb, 6.45pm – The Mousetrap (£30)

Wed 22 Feb, 6.45pm – Matilda (£26)

Guided Walks around London

Owen is an SGI teacher and a fully-qualified and very experienced London tour guide too! Join him for one of his themed walks around London, where he weaves a story of interesting facts from London’s amazing history. Owen is loved by students for having a loud, slow and clear voice that is easy to understand.

The walks are really really interesting and you can ask as many questions as you like, and it’s 99% sure that Owen will know the answer… if not, he will make a good guess! 🙂

Tue 3 Jan, 3.30pm – 2000 Years of London (and for an interactive History of the English Language CLICK HERE)

Tue 10 Jan, 3.15pm – London’s Royal Gardens

Thu 19 Jan, 3.15pm – Soho and Westminster

Thu 2 Feb, 3.15pm – Greenwich and the Meridian Time Line

Tue 7 Feb, 3.15pm – Under the Bridges of London

Thu 16 Feb, 3.15pm – Jack the Ripper

Thu 23 Feb, 3.15pm – Royal Gardens

If you can’t come to visit us at SGI, you can still visit the Must See Sights of London with our interactive tour.

London Museum trips

London Museums are some of the best in the world and the best part is that entrance is free!! Unbelievable!

Go on a trip around one of these huge buildings with an SGI teacher and you will remember it for a lifetime. These museums are not to be missed!

Tuesday 3rd Jan – Tate Modern and The Switch Building: The best of modern and contemporary art in London’s most visited gallery – it’s enormous!!!

Tuesday 10th Jan – Natural History Museum: An amazing Victorian building with animal related exhibitions, including very impressive dinosaurs.

Tuesday 17th Jan – National Portrait Gallery: Hundreds of portraits of super famous people from Paul McCartney through to Kate MIddleton

Thursday 2nd Feb – Victoria and Albert museum: Fashions of the ages and all the design you could wish for. Over 2.3 million objects that show the progress of human creation over the past 5,000 years.

Tuesday 7th Feb – Imperial War Museum: a museum that really makes you think, telling the stories of modern war and the experience of people and soldiers who went through World War 1 and every conflict up until the present day.

Tuesday 14th Feb – The Royal Academy of Arts: this is a treasure trove of British art and has the latest artists in new exhibitions all year round.

Tuesday 28th Feb – The British Museum: Super building with a massive massive collection of impressive items from every culture around the world. Rome, Egypt, Greece, it’s all here

Friday Nights and Weekends

Every Friday night, the SGI students can join a ‘Lost in London’ hosted event at one of the big clubs around London. The cost is usually around £10 or £15 and you can meet people your own age who are usually also studying English somewhere in London. You can chat about how brilliant your SGI English lessons are and hear horror stories from people at other schools with their useless classes with people who do not know how to teach. 🙂

On Saturdays, one of SGI’s recommended UK tour operators take people on trips to famous cities like Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Winchester and many more. These are whole day trips that start quite early in the morning and you arrive back in London in the evening around 8pm-ish. The cost is normally somewhere around £25 or £35, which covers transport and your guide. To find out the city trip when you are at SGI, go to speak to the people on school reception early in the week, to book a place for the weekend.

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