London Aquarium, Drinks and a Boat Trip

     This week started with drinks and chit chat on Monday. Marija and I took around 25 students to the Adam and Eve. After everyone got their drinks and Marija’s student photo shoot was over, everyone settled down for a good old chin wag. I had a very funny conversation with the Italians on International Woman’s day and whether it was appropriate for them to give us flowers in exchange for no homework, which I think, is not the point of the celebration. Although, Gemma seems to have a deal going that gets her a free beer every now and then! We also talked about how easy it is to celebrity spot in London especially around Oxford Circus where the likes Kiera Knightly and Guy Ritchie have been spotted.

On Tuesday Julia, Jonathan and the students braved the cold weather for a boat trip down the Thames. They boarded the boat at Embankment and went down to Tower Bridge via the London Eye. They saw the Houses of Parliament, St Pauls, HMS Belfast and much more. The Shard, which is nearing completion, sparked a debate on the new buildings in London and how they fit with the beautiful old architecture that we also have. Wednesday was meant to be a trip to the Tate Britain, but it seems that no one was interested in art this week so Jonathan, who nearly went on his own, decided to go home. It’s a shame, it’s a beautiful gallery, but there will be many more opportunities to do the more cultured sightseeing in the coming weeks. On Thursday Danielle took 6 students to the London Aquarium. It was really enjoyable, all the students seem really interested in the sea life and they even got to stroke a jelly fish! They discussed the sea, and one student, who studies marine biology, was showing the rest pictures of his studies on starfish. They saw penguins that were all standing in a line facing the wall; someone drew the comparison of naughty students standing in class! Look out for next week’s activities in the classrooms and on the e-learning site. Have a great weekend and see you all next week.  

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