Linking words: Amazingly, he shoots, he scores… he swears?!


 Wayne Rooney is probably the second most famous footballer in the UK after David Beckham. Over in East London last week, he became a bit more famous for something else. His team, Manchester United, was losing 2-0 to West Ham United. Rooney somehow managed to score 3 goals in 12 minutes, so his team were winning 2-3.


However, for some reason, immediately after scoring his third goal, he looked right into the TV cameras and swore, saying “F***ing what, what, F***ing hell!”. Obviously, this is not normal for someone who has just scored 3 goals. Subsequently, straight after the game he issued a statement of apology for this, although he didn’t give a clear reason as to why he had sworn so uncontrollably.


Nevertheless, he was banned for 2 games. There has been a lot of debate about whether or not it was right to punish him this severely. Initially, his apology didn’t sound too remorseful because after his punishment was announced, he stated that he was not the first to swear on TV, and that he is being made a scapegoat. This is true, although some people might argue that the players who were heard to swear before, did not realise that the camera was there in doing so. Evidently, Rooney did know because he directed his tirade at the camera itself! As of today, he has admitted that he had “lost control” and was clearly in the wrong and a lot of people have said that it was a good thing he was punished. Apparently, in this way it sets an example for other players not to do this, especially as families and children were watching the game.


Personally, I am a bit biased as I am a lifelong Manchester United fan, but I think it was very harsh that he was banned because it is not as if swearing in football is really taboo. Everyone knows and does it. Additionally, I drove from London to Manchester for 3 hours to Old Trafford (Manchester United’s stadium) for the first time last Saturday to watch them play the Michael Jackson statue-inspired Fulham FC. Unfortunately, that was one of the games which Rooney could not play in. So I was annoyed that I never got to see him play live. As it happens, we won the game comfortably and it turned out that he was fresh for the important European Cup game against Chelsea last Tuesday. Thankfully, he helped us win that tricky game 2-1, so all in all, I can’t complain.


Truthfully though, I wish he hadn’t sworn if only because I would’ve liked to have seen him play. Consequently, I have to say that his “f***ing what?” has actually f***ed me off!  

Linking words to begin sentences:

giving information which is against normal expectation
stating what is clearly true or probably true
showing a direct result of a past action or the action which follows the previous one
giving information which is against normal expectation
saying what action / situation happened first
stating what is clearly true
As of today
stating what has happened / is happening from now
stating what is probably true
giving your personal opinion
giving more examples and reasons
expressing bad luck
As it happens
showing a surprising result of a previous action
expressing gratitude of an action or situation
giving the truth
showing a direct result of a past action

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