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Learn English with videos best of the internet Let’s be honest, English textbooks are not exactly the most inspiring and motivating learning materials in the world, are they? So why don’t we learn English with videos? The best videos on the internet this week!!! Here on the SGI Student blog, we try to keep all the language we use ‘real and relevant‘, so that you can learn English the way it is really spoken today – no artificial or unnatural language allowed! So, here are some great videos that are super popular on the internet this week and being shared a lot on social media. This is another great example of how to teach yourself English in 5 minutes everyday – these short films are so interesting that it doesn’t feel like you are learning. But actually, this is the most effective way to study English because you will be so interested in what is happening in the videos that your language brain will work overtime and super quick, so that you can understand everything. However, it doesn’t matter if you can’t understand every single word perfectly – the videos are short enough, so that you can watch again another few times (before you get bored), matching the moving images to what is being said until you get full understanding. If there is a sentence where you really can not catch what they say, write a comment and I will help you with the difficult words. Enjoy the videos! Enjoy learning, without working! 🙂

Self-Driving Car

Ballerina rejection letter

What happens to your brain with music

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