Learn English when you are travelling

Learn English when you are travelling: Describing things – a simple and enjoyable mental challenge It’s difficult to find time for studying English everyday. We all know that. But every little bit that you do will help. You probably have to travel somewhere everyday, so  when you are commuting back and forth, look at the world around you and describe in your head everything that you can see in English. This is a really useful exercise to challenge yourself. You could describe basic things: The man in the red t-shirt is reading the newspaper. Or, if you are a higher level student, you should push yourself into using more advanced vocabulary and grammar: The man with the wrinkled face is probably reading the football report because he is a lifelong fan of Barcelona. He’s really gutted that he wasn’t at the match last night because Barcelona thrashed Real Madrid four – nil. You can make your descriptions as easy, or as difficult as you like…depending on how tired you are. The more you do this kind of exercise, the more inventive you will become. Then, of course you will need more vocabulary. Eventually, you will get to the point where you don’t have all the vocabulary you need and so you will want to check in a dictionary to get that perfect word. So, a daily mental challenge on your way to work, or on your way home from school, has suddenly given you the inspiration to find out something for yourself (some vocabulary or grammar that you actually need). Using those 5 minutes on your daily travels has turned into something that makes you teach yourself some English…and that’s the best way to learn!

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