Learn English Vocabulary and REMEMBER it!

Learn English vocabulary and never forget     You need to learn English vocabulary (and lots of it) if you want to get better at speaking, writing, reading and understanding the language.     This method requires commitment, but if you are serious about improving your English level this will really help you acquire lots of new vocab.     Watch the screencast video (below) to discover an incredibly effective way of recording and learning new words so that you never forget them.       Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.

Learn English Vocabulary: Never Forget Method

  • In Google drive, create a spreadsheet. Click FILE > NEW > SPREADSHEET. Click & create a title – something like English Vocabulary (with the date or topic, e.g. Business English).
  • COLUMN 1: Write the date (this is very important) and your new words that you want to learn.
  • COLUMN 2: Find and write the translations for your mother tongue language in an online dictionary
  • COLUMN 3: Make a sentence (that includes your target word) that you understand because it means something to you!
  • COLUMN 4: Write the same date but about 5 hours later (e.g. from a.m. to p.m.)
  • COLUMN 5: The date of the next day
  • COLUMN 6: The date 2 or 3 days later
  • COLUMN 7: The date which is one week after Column 6 date
  • COLUMN 8: The date about 1 month after your start date (Column 1’s date)
  • Come back to the spreadsheet on every date and try to remember and write the target word. You can remember the English version or your native language version.
  • Every time you come back to the document, write the words out again.
  • Do this 6 times and the vocabulary will be fixed in your long term memory.

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