Learn English the easy way – Fun Friday No#1

Hi guys, When you learn English or any language for that matter, it all seems like too much hard work, doesn’t it? Well the bad news is that yes, it does take time to study all those verbs, vocabulary, phrasal verbs, chunks of English, improving your listening skills, pronunciation etc – the list goes on and on.


Learn English the easy way - Fun Friday 1So, let’s take a well-deserved break and have some easy English because it’s the end of the week! 🙂 Here’s a new series called FUN FRIDAY, where you just need less than 5 minutes and some simple reading. Take a look at some of the ‘Common English Mistakes’ images from our SGI Google+ page this week…


Common English Mistakes 1 - I agree Common English Mistakes 2 - My dad is a dentist Common English mistakes 3 - I do not have any time Common English Mistakes 4 - I go to school everyday For more explanations and help with the grammar with these English errors, go to the SGI Google+ page and read the comments written by SGI teachers.


Learn Easy English - The London UndergroundWhile you are there, check out these great pictures of Alfred Hitchcock mosaics from The London Underground


And to end the week, a lovely little (Present Perfect) love story! 🙂 A Present Perfect Love story   Have a great weekend!

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