Learn English the easy way: Fun Friday #3

Everyone wants to learn English the easy way, don’t they? That’s what fun Friday is all about – 5 minutes of English that’s funny, unusual or interesting, so you don’t feel like a hard-working student, but actually you are absorbing the language and learning without working! Killer! 🙂 (BTW, that means ‘killer’ as in ‘good’, not as in ‘something horrible and bloody’!) Learn English the easy way

The Final Countdown

Everyone knows this song by Europe, right? If you don’t already know every word by heart, then you should probably ask yourself ‘what have I been doing wrong in my life?’, because it’s a classic! 🙂 Here’s a ‘group’ of ‘talented’ teenagers MURDERING the song. Come on everyone – sing-a-long in English! 🙂

London Underground Jubilee Line Ticket Barrier

Did you know that the London Underground can sing? Yes, that’s right – ‘sing’! Here’s another famous song (Song 2 by Blur), but this time we go down into the famous ‘Tube’ to hear a ticket barrier (the thing that stops you getting in for free) sing-a-long to the chorus. Even if your English is not amazing yet, you can definitely join in with this one. “Woo-hoo”!

The SGI Images

Learn English the easy way with Fun FridayLearning English for just 1 minute is better than doing nothing at all! That’s why we make (or post) cool images on our SGI Facebook wall to try and inspire you to read and think in English… even if it is only for a short time. Every little bit helps! We hope that you learn to love English (and English humour, too). Here are little snapshots of bits of the images from this week. Go to Facebook to view them in full.

SGI English student of the month

SGI LONDON Student of the monthOur first student of the month for 2014 is Tiziano from Italy. He has got his very own cool video as a prize. Watch and learn – you can improve your English level by reading Tiziano’s short answers to 3 questions about why he loves it so much being at SGI and in London.           YOU MAY ALSO LIKE….   Check out last week’s Fun Friday for more easy learning. And have a look at the first ever Fun Friday. Are we getting better? 🙂 Please let us know in the comments section below.   HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

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