Learn English in a new way – Learning Activities for the weekend

Are you open-minded? Are you open to new learning ideas? Do you want to learn English in a new way?   Here is a different type of English homework for you to do this weekend: It has to be better than boring grammar questions from a black and white photocopy, right?  

Learn English in a new way with an open mind


  EXAMPLES: – watch an English YouTube video and leave a comment in English – write a short English review of an item that you previously bought online – for 30 minutes, write down everything you do (in English) – watching a TV comedy in English with the subtitles in your language. Programmes like The Big Bang Theory, Friends, How I met your mother, Modern Family etc – go to an online English newspaper and read one short article (about an international story that you already know most of the details) – think for 10 minutes only in English, etc.   FEEDBACK: Leave a comment below to let me know what you did… and if it was successful.   HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND  

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