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Everybody needs more time these days, don’t they? So, wouldn’t it be great to hear about a method that helps you learn English in just 5 minutes? That would save a lot of time and hassle, wouldn’t it? Well, of course we all know that it isn’t really possible. However, I’ve got a tip that only takes about 5 minutes every day and will give a boost to your English vocabulary and grammar. Every day, read a news article in your own language from an online newspaper. Choose something that is international news, like reports from the World Cup, Tour de France, the BP oil disaster, a review of the latest Hollywood blockbuster, Obama’s latest speech, a G8 protest, a national strike or a weather disaster like Hurricane Katrina. Every day you can find something that makes the news in every country around the world. Once you have read the news in your own language and you know the story, go to an English news website, like The Guardian, The BBC, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail and read the story in English. You will find that the story is almost identical and you can compare lots of vocabulary. You can also see the language in action and find lots of grammar patterns that you will have practised from your textbooks, but now you can see them working in reality. Just think, if you pick up 3 new bits of vocab every day, you will have 15 new words or phrases by the end of the first working week. That’s 60 new words after a month. Also, this will be relevant vocab that is actually used by native speakers. 5 minutes a day is nothing! So, fill that time with productive learning. Remember the golden rule with languages: Use it, or lose it!!

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