La Soiree, Chat in the Local, Soho Walk and The National Portrait Gallery

Julia and some of the many students that came with us to the pub for a chat

On Monday Julia and I took 26 students to the Adam and Eve, the schools local. Julia had a rather intense conversation with some students regarding sexism at work whilst I was engaged in football chat with a Brazilian, which is by no means less stressful!  Aside from that, we discussed the difficulties in finding work in London and there was a debate going on by the Italians claiming that Italian Prosecco is the best wine you could want to buy. I stayed out of that one!

 On Tuesday Owen took a number of students to see ‘La Soiree’ which translates from French to ‘a night out’ and by the sounds of a night out is exactly what they got! La Soiree has been described as a sharp sexy show that initially looks like it will contain traditional clowns and circus themes but then surprises you having a man in rollerblades tap dancing while juggling machetes. There was also a woman who walked on in a smart business suit who then proceeded to strip and produce little red handkerchiefs from places they really shouldn’t have belonged! All in all I think everyone was fairly surprised and had an interesting evening.

On Wednesday Ben took 12 students to the National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar Square. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and there was some talk as to which portrait they would have liked to have on their bedroom wall. Ben suggested Henry the Eighth, I’m dubious.

Owen took 16 students and Jess on his famous Soho Walk, wondering the streets of Central London and learning the history as well as bypassing many dubious sexy looking shops that Soho has come to know so well. One of my students commented on how amazing it is that we have an area for the more flamboyant Londoners, and I agreed that it is a very special and unique place, but London wouldn’t be the same without it.

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