Konstantinos Soumpasis from Greece

Here is a recommendation from former SGI student IELTS Preparation Course – November 2008 to February 2009 “Roger, my first teacher, was very friendly and helpful, always willing to help students. His advice and comments were crucial for my improvement. Maja’s broad knowledge in languages and her passion with her job make her a very good teacher! Barney is humorous and very friendly, very educated. Gave me the essential tips for the use of language. He also used various teaching methods. The level of teaching was very high. I developed the ideal strategies and abilities that I needed to reach a high score in IELTS. The Social Programme has a plethora of activities that were very interesting, covering every different taste. Also the teachers were very friendly and always willing to provide us with a lot of information.” With my respect and esteem for all your great team, I hope to come to visit you soon.

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