Jubilee, Drinks and Bowling

  I hope everyone’s week started well and that everyone enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations. Due to the bank holiday, there was no social programme on Monday or Tuesday, so I hope you all found some things to do and joined in the festivities around London.   Wednesday Julia and I took everyone for a later drink. There were discussions on the Jubilee weekend and concert for the Queen. Pawel was asking a constant stream of grammar related questions whilst everyone else was chatting away and socialising. Pawel also realised that in his whole time in the school, that he has been taught by every teacher except me, so he said he was going to change this! On Thursday Danielle took a few students to Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes where they had a great game. Danielle was worried as she was not really dressed for the occasion but we all assured her that she’d be fine. It was Marina’s first time, but she also really enjoyed herself.   I hope everyone has a great weekend and see you all Monday.  

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