Japanese Lessons, Oil Impressions, Experience wins over Age and Dirty Dancing

Last week, about 25 students followed Julia to the pub, for some free drinks including 80% of lagers. They chatted about life in our lovely city, the Boris Bikes, which are a good idea, but quite scary as the London roads can be pretty dangerous. The Japanese also tried to teach a little of their own language to Julia. I think she just remembered: "My name is Julia" – not a bad effort! On Tuesday, Amy took quite a big group to the Saatchi Gallery where their perception was tested: Was the floor made of oil, or covered with it? Also, Amy talked about a wave made of ash, which made the group wonder whether it was art, or just the security guard's cigarette ends!? Another highlight was the insect skeletons on display, dragonflies etc! On Wednesday, Gavin and Charlie organised a small football tournament in Brixton, where the teachers were joined by the Spanish soldiers (currently studying at SGI)… Gavin reported that it was really a match between men and boys, and the experience of the older team defeated the energy of the younger one… Better luck this week maybe at the rematch?! Should I also mention the electricity between two players who will recognise themselves when I talk about a "mini fight" involving some pushing and too much smiling!?… It ended well, but please guys, behave!! Finally on Friday, Owen took a group to see Dirty Dancing the Musical at a really good discounted price (£22.50 instead of £62.50). I haven't had any feedback yet but, being a big fan of the film myself, I'm sure it was a great show! This week we have more football, more museum, a bit of walking and a bit of drinking! Check out the Social Programme and see you then!

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