Jack The Ripper, Welcome Drinks, Museum of London and Shakespeare

This is my first blog as the new social coordinator after taking over from the lovely Jenny who is leaving us to work at our school in Delhi, SGI India.

It’s been an interesting new week for me as well as the students. On Monday, myself and Gavin took around 15 students (new and old) to the Adam and Eve pub just behind the school. Once everyone was settled with a drink, the students and I got into some interesting topics including one student who shall not be named, doing impressions of the teaching staff. (I have to admit, some of it was quite funny!)

On Tuesday Owen and his little dog Jess took 17 students to the Whitechapel are of London for a ‘Jack the Ripper’ Walk. It seemed that many were surprised that  London’s most notorious killer only had five victims and wondered why he was so famous.  Owen has informed us that the things that he did to his victims were so horrible and the fact that Jack the Ripper was never caught is why he has become so infamous.


On Wednesday Julia and Gavin took two groups to the Museum of London. Gavin despite being a Londoner managed to get his group lost so Julia and the other’s decided to let him make his own way there!  I’ve been told that everyone found it interesting to see what London was like in the past, especially the skyline, which these days is full of towering blocks and impressive buildings, but how only a few years ago St Paul’s Cathedral dominated the skyline.

On Thursday Owen again took 15 students to see Shakespeare’s modern day version of Comedy of Errors. It was a close call getting to the theatre on time with people running late and confusion between using tickets and the oyster card machine. Armed with a crib sheet provided by Owen. the students enjoyed the performance despite lacking an understanding of the language. I assured some in my class this morning that I barely understand Shakespeare, so they’re lucky they got any of it!

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