Irregular Verbs: Dr House sang the blues

You probably know him as the grumpy, Dr. House, but us Brits knew him years ago as the funny man Hugh Laurie. Before he became world famous as the medical genius, Gregory House M.D., Hugh Laurie was famous for years in the UK as a comedian. He began his entertainment career in the 1980s with his comedy partner, Stephen Fry, who he met at The University of Cambridge. Even though he studied at Cambridge, Hugh Laurie still found time to take part in the 1980 Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race! Unfortunately for him, Cambridge lost that year. They wrote lots of hilarious sketches that played on the British sense of humour with intelligent wordplay for their BBC sketch show. Here’s an example…   Did you know that he grew up in England and has a British RP accent? Hugh Laurie got even more famous when he starred in the hugely popular Blackadder series. He kept on using his various talents through the 90s and you could see him playing serious acting roles and sometimes appearing on chat shows when he took out his guitar and harmonica and sang a funny tune. When he went to America in 2004 to star in Dr. House, I think that a lot of people forgot about all the talents that this man has got. Now, Hugh Laurie wants to be taken seriously as blues/jazz musician. Last weekend he closed the Cheltenham Jazz Festival with a set of traditional blues and jazz numbers. Serious jazz artists play the festival and one of the headliners was Jamie Cullum. So, it goes to show that Hugh Laurie is serious about his music. He got some fantastic reviews from cycnical music journalists, who were very impressed with his performance and said that he was as good as anyone else playing at the festival. I bet you never thought that Hugh Laurie was so multi-talented, did you? What do you think about his singing?


There aren’t any rules for irregular verbs used in the past simple. You just have to learn them! Sorry!

  • Know – knew
  • Become – became
  • Be – was / were
  • Begin – began
  • Meet – met
  • Find – found
  • Lose – lost
  • Write – wrote
  • Do – Did
  • Grow up – grew up
  • Get – got
  • Keep – kept
  • Can – could
  • Take – took
  • Sing – sang
  • Go – went
  • Get – got
  • Say – said
  • Think – thought

There are lots more English irregular verbs. If you look in the back of your textbook, you will probably find a list of the most common irregular verbs that you should learn.

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