iPods Can Boost English Language Skills

Students studying on English Language courses in London may be interested to hear the results of a recent survey which appear to reveal that iPods can significantly boost the achievements of English Language learners. A study from the University of Texas at Austin’s College of Education looked into ways that such devices could be used to help improve teaching and learning English. It is believed that the multimedia capability and flexible nature of an iPod makes it an ideal resource to aid language learning. An iPod can be carried anywhere, meaning that students always have access to their learning resources. Although concerns were raised about students using mobile devices for entertainment rather than education purposes, this has not proved to necessarily be the case. Resources such as voice recorders and translators have proved ideal for English language learners whilst doing their homework assignments. What’s more, iPods can be listened to absolutely anywhere, meaning that spare time can be more efficiently utilised. For example, students travelling home on a bus could listen to ripped teaching CDs on their mp3 device. Dr Min Liu claimed that the study revealed that “the positive outcomes for the students were that they had a home-to-school connection, could engage in language learning away from school, could accomplish more content learning, were able to extend the amount of time they were able to do schoolwork and they had multimodal support.” These are clearly huge benefits for anyone trying to learn a language quickly. So, how can mobile multimedia devices help students studying on English courses in London? The rise of 24/7 internet access means that there are more language learning resources available to students than ever before. An entire dictionary can be carried on a mobile phone, or audio translations listened to on an iPod. London English courses are well suited to the use of multimedia technology. Many colleges offer online resources and websites that are aimed at enhancing the English language learning process. The rise of video call facilities such as Skype and Facetime means that it is now easier than ever before to test out your English with fellow course mates. Although you may not have the time to meet face to face every day, programs such as Skype and Facetime allow you to converse in English for free with people located all over the world. Indeed, video conferencing technology has helped to revolutionise the English language learning business, as tutors can now be contacted in a number of different ways.

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