Internships in London and getting a job words

A common way to find a job is to do an internship but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Read the text to find out why and learn some ways to say get a job.

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Every university student seems to want an internship.

In some countries undergraduate and postgraduate degrees include one or more internships. Quite a few students actually choose their university because of the internships they will provide.

But internships are also for graduates and are a way to try to get their first and most important job. The reason why companies hire interns is because they don’t want to take on full-time and permanent employees.

They are expensive and companies are scared about employing the wrong people. So, they prefer interns who they can try out first.

One London recruitment agency finds and places interns in companies. It promises good interns in less than three days to fill almost any position. It receives over 300 CVs every day. They say that about 70% of their interns are given permanent jobs.

The average intern has no work experience and so may not know what working life is like. Internship recruitment agencies give applicants personality tests, prepare them for interviews and even help them make a video CV. As you probably already know, most interns are unpaid but the agencies do earn money every month and if the person is eventually recruited they get 10% of their salary.

However, for most people this is the first step to being put on the payroll so most people accept it. These agencies are making lots of money, in some cases just for finding young people to fill vacancies.

This doesn’t seem fair, but it does seem to be the way of the world these days. Why can’t interns get paid at least a minimum wage? Students from rich families don’t have a problem because they can afford to work for free, even for a year in some cases.

Getting a job words

to hire someone

to take someone on

to employ someone

to give someone a permanent job

to recruit someone to put someone on the payroll

If you are talking about a company who hires someone because another person has left you can use:

to fill a vacancy

to fill a position

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