Imperative Grammar: Be Happy. Learn English!

Imperative grammar Learn English in LondonImperative grammar is very easy in English.   To do a multiple-choice online test on imperative grammar , please click here.   When we want to…

  • tell a person what to do (an order)
  • give advice to someone / make suggestions
  • make an invitation

… all you need to do is – use an infinitive without ‘to’

Imperative Grammar Examples

Give an order
Go to bed!
Don’t eat that!
Close the door – it’s freezing!
Give advice
Be positive.
Look on the bright side of things.
Go and speak to him… I’m sure he’ll understand.
Forget about him… you’re too good for him anyway!
Make an invitation
Come to our barbecue at the weekend. It’s going to be really sunny.
Have another biscuit
Sit down and relax. Make yourself at home.

In our latest video below, how many examples of imperative grammar can you count in the ‘Happiness Lessons’?  

Negative Imperative

To make an imperative negative just use DO NOT (Don’t) or NEVER

Eat it! It’s good for you.
Don’t eat that! It’s been on the floor
Close the door – it’s freezing!
Don’t close the door – I need some air.
Turn off the computer when you have finished
Do not turn off the computer. I am downloading some new software.
Wait for me!
Don’t wait for me if I’m late tonight. I’ll meet you inside the club.
Tell him that he’s stupid!
Never tell him that he’s stupid or he will go nuts!
Push the button and it will work
Never push a red button unless you know what it’s for.


When you make a suggestion and you are included in the group of people, use Let’s, e.g. “Let’s go!”

  • I’m really hungry. Let’s order a pizza.
  • It’s such a beautiful day today. Let’s go out and get an ice-cream.
  • I’m really tired. Let’s go to bed.

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