Imperative: Do it before you’re 30!

Imperative usage is explained below and there is also a glossary for some difficult words/expressions A Twitter record was broken (with 8,868 related tweets per second) when Beyonce announced that she was pregnant, a week before she turns 30. Well, she has already developed her own global brand, headlined Glastonbury festival, got married to a multi-millionaire rap legend and eaten some fish and chips. However, she probably hasn’t learnt to speak a foreign language like all the talented SGI students! As a lot of you are in your twenties and still a long way off turning 30, here’s a quick guide for landmarks to reach before officially becoming old.

1. Push your body to the limit

Climb Everest. Run the London marathon. Do a bungee-jump. Swim with a great-white shark. Have a threesome. You’d better have done something exciting and have some stories to tell so that you can talk about the good old days, once you are no longer capable of having them.

2.Fall in love

…preferably in summertime. Have a fun-filled fling with someone who’s got long hair from an exotic place with a name that you can’t pronounce properly. Then break up and heal your broken heart before you find “The One”. There’s no time for 2-month love affairs when you are trying to climb the career ladder and be all serious. 2 a) Do not have a baby with your summer love! Bad idea all round!

3.Drop out

Ditch your desk and escape the rat race before you get in too deep. Become a kite surf instructor, a Tibetan kung-fu monk or even an English teacher.

4.Learn to cook

After 30, you’re going to be doing a lot of entertaining at home. You’ll have the stories to tell (see no#1), but you’d better be able to serve up some nosh that’s going to impress, otherwise the atmosphere at your dinner parties will be as flat as a pancake. Men who can’t cook are never going to catch a hot babe – that’s soooo 20th Century.

5.Kill your friends

756 Facebook friends are unsustainable. Who are your real, true friends that you would love to go out with for drinks and catch up with? Get rid of the dead meat – cull, cull, cull!


  • to headline – to be the star performer at a concert
  • to turn (an age) – to become
  • landmark to reach – an achievement to complete
  • threesome – a group of 3 people involved in the same activity (normally sexual – very sexual!)
  • fling – a short love affair (usually not serious and perhaps a bit wild)
  • heal – repair, mend
  • The One – the perfect person for you who is your ideal partner, your soul mate, the love of your life
  • career ladder – the upwards, structured progression that someone has in their working life
  • to ditch – get rid of, throw away
  • rat race – the way of life in which people are competitive in a struggle for money and power
  • to get in too deep – to become too seriously involved in something, so that change is difficult or unlikely
  • nosh – (slang) food
  • as flat as a pancake – not good, boring, unsusccessful
  • soooooo – very, very
  • dead meat – the bad things, things that are no good to anyone , useless
  • to cull – kill things (usually animals) that are weak, injured or old


Imperatives are like an infinitive without ‘to’ We use the imperative to tell people what to do i.e.:

  • To give a direct command – Be careful! Stop doing that! Look out!
  • To give instructions – Open your books on page 98, Take two tablets after every meal
  • To make an invitation – Come in, Have some cake, Make yourself at home
  • On notices and signs – Push, Pull, Use only in an emergency
  • To give friendly advice – Talk to him about it, Get some sleep and you’ll feel better in the morning

Negative imperatives begin with do not, don’t or never. Do not park here! Don’t touch that! Never forget to turn the oven off after you’ve finished cooking We never use the imperative to ask for things politely (even if you use please) Could you tell me the time? NOT Tell me the time, please Expression: It’s imperative that you…(do sth) – meaning “It is essential that you…”

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