If I got a dog

I would like to have a dog because I think that they are really cool. However, I don’t think that my lifestyle is really suited to being a dog owner: I’m out for most of the day, I live in a flat and I don’t like picking up dog poo! But if I had a dog, I would like to have a male. I could dress him up in a funny costume at Halloween. I would take cliched photos of him in sunglasses and then I could make his very own facebook page for him. If I was a dog owner, I wouldn’t be able to have a lie in at the weekends because I would have to take him for walkies…and I really don’t like getting up early at the weekend! Also, I think my neighbours would be annoyed if my dog barked in the flat. If I bought a dog, it should definitely be a small one because my flat isn’t very big and small dogs only do small poos!!! I think the negatives outweigh the positives, so I won’t get a dog for the forseeable future. If I were irresponsible though, I probably would get a funny, little dog. So, to sum up, it’s unlikely that there will be a dog in my life anytime soon. As I was thinking about a hypothetical, unlikely situation, I used the 2nd conditional.

If +    past simple,    would/could/should/might + infinitive


  • If my dog barked, my neighbours would complain.
  • If I bought a dog, I would call him Sir Bentley

So, what do you think? Would my life be better if I got a dog??? Please use the 2nd conditional form to write a short reply to help me out with my decision. Or if you haven’t got an opinion on dogs, write a reply to one of the following questions:

  1. What would be your first decision if you were the president of your country?
  2. Where would you live if you were a millionaire?
  3. If there was no more oil, what would happen in the world?
  4. If you spoke perfect English, how would your life change?

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