IELTS Writing – Sentence Starting Adverbs: University Freshers

If you want to make your IELTS Writing Tasks look more academic and professional then you should start to use various adverbs and expressions to introduce ideas in your sentences. Look out for how they are used in the article.

Typically, September is the month when British teenagers start university and for some, leave home and develop into a fully-fledged adult. In the UK, we call these first-year students, “freshers”. As you would expect, for most of our IELTS students, this is a dream that they hope to achieve. So, for all those starting university for the first time, here’s what to expect: In the normal course of events, you will attend fresher’s week – go to events, join societies, make new friends and get accustomed to your new surroundings. By and large, most students settle in quickly because everyone is in the same situation; looking for new friends and experiences.

Without doubt, you will never have the opportunity to talk to as many as people as when you are at university, so this is where most people find friends for life. Predictably, the one thing which everyone soon discovers is cheap alcoholic drinks, either at the student union or by using their student card in certain pubs or clubs! As a general rule, participating in drinking games and doing embarrassing things are very much the norm.  Unsurprisingly, remembering where you live is another thing you must discover quickly – how to get home after plenty of drinking will be very useful. However, you still have to be standing to acheive this aim. It’s also a good idea to have a look around campus and the city where you are studying. On the whole, knowing where cheap restaurants, local supermarkets and student discount shops are will help cut down on spending. Second to the local pub, the nearest kebab shop is also useful knowledge for when you get the munchies after a drinking-session, although this is neither healthy nor economical! For the most part, the first time at university is a scary, but ultimately, life-changing experience. Most students look forward to the social side of things and getting away from home.

Nevertheless, learning to balance studying and partying is important, particularly if you want to pass your exams and get through to the second year. Inevitably, there are some people who find it difficult adjusting to new surroundings, but all universities have guidance counsellors to help. It would probably be more difficult for international students, especially if English isn’t their first language. However, once you start making new friends, things soon start to get better. In all likelihood, this will be most enjoyable year of your life – have fun!  


IELTS Introducing sentences adverbs & expressions

In IELTS writing task 2, you will be asked for your opinion, generally and personally, on a topic.

Introduction adverbs for sentences help clarify what you want to say as well as impressing the examiners with your knowledge.

Typically As you would expect
In the normal course of events Without doubt
By and large Predictably
As a general rule Unsurprisingly
On the whole Inevitably
For the most part In all likelihood

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