IELTS Speaking Test Questions with answers: Royal privacy

Our IELTS Speaking Test questions with answers can be found at the bottom of this blog. Read the article about the latest Royal scandal, which is all about the right to privacy. Royals, celebrities and privacy are common IELTS Speaking test themes. It's good practice to know relevant vocabulary and phrases about these subjects in case you get a question about them in the exam.  

The British royal family are used to being in the media. During the recent Olympic Games they were all over the TV and the internet. Since then though they have been making headlines for the wrong reasons. First there were some embarrassing photos of Prince Harry having a party with some friends. Although many people were shocked by the images, they were probably not surprised as similar photos have been seen before and Harry has somewhat of a reputation for his wild antics. Next came some more shocking photos of someone who has a much calmer lifestyle. Kate Middleton, now known as the Duchess of Cambridge has appeared in several tasteless snaps taken by a spying journalist while she was relaxing on holiday in France. A French magazine then published several of these photographs followed by an Irish publisher. The reaction from Prince William, the royal family and the British public has been condemning and they have accused the press of violation of the privacy and private lives. Prince William has even declared war on the press. He is particularly angry due to the way his mother, Princess Diana, was also treated by the French and English newspapers. One journalist quoted him as saying “the gloves are now off”.  

IELTS Speaking Test Tips

Celebrities, fame and famous people are common IELTS topics.  In the speaking test, you could be asked to talk about them for 2 minutes and then have to do a debate on the same issue. All of them are connected to privacy, especially in England because the UK press are often in the headlines. It's best not to memorise fixed sentences/answers for the IELTS exam because they will sound unnatural and the examiner will realise this. However, it's excellent practice to answer questions like those below and to learn some of the relevant vocabulary and phrases that you can see in the Sample answers section.    

IELTS Speaking Test Part 3 Sample Question

Here are some IELTS style speaking part 3 questions about the Kate and William situation:  

  1. Should the royals, like famous people, be given privacy?
  2. Do they deserve the right to their privacy?
  3. Do they have the right to say photographers can only take photos of them only when they are told?
  4. Have the press gone too far this time?
  5. Why do magazines and newspapers publish private photographs of celebrities and famous people?
  6. Why do people buy these magazines and newspapers?
  7. Should the press have complete freedom to print what they want?


IELTS Speaking Part 3 Sample Answers

Here are some interesting ways to talk about this subject for IELTS band 6.5+ candidates.   a) As far as I’m concerned, the royals have absolutely no right to any privacy. b) They can’t have their cake and eat it. Either they want to be in the newspapers or they don’t. c) William is out for blood. He’ll take no prisoners. d) I don’t believe that privacy is a right that celebrities deserve – they court the press for their own business interests. You live by the sword, you die by the sword. e) Look, I’m no fan of celebrities but the British press just go too far. This latest scandal involving Kate and William is an abhorrent violation of their rights. f) The readership of British tabloids generally prefers scandalous photos and sensationalism. That’s what sells. g) After the News of the World phone tapping scandal, many believed the press would turn over a new leaf, but his latest incident proves otherwise. It's a case of 'the same old, same old'. h) It’s too late to cry over spilt milk. The damage has been done. All William and Kate can do now is try to limit the publication of more photos and sue those involved to prevent a similar situation happening again.    

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