Idioms for Success

While writing my blog on happiness last week, I read a lot of articles about being positive and looking on the bright side of life. This was very useful for me, because right now I’ve got mountains of work to get through before the summer for my next teaching qualification.

Lots of people who come to SGI for summer school are students going to university and they will all be studying very hard now as well for their upcoming exams in June.

Idioms for success

So, if you are a high-flier, who’s hungry for success in an exam on the horizon, then read on, because here are shedloads of idioms about success that will inspire you stop at nothing. You can also use these idioms in an oral English exam to improve your grades! Now, everyone hates big periods of studying, so the first thing to tell yourself when you can’t be bothered to even make a start is to pull your socks up. You have set your sights on passing the exams, so you may as well just get on with it, or you will get left behind by everyone else who has managed to get the ball rolling. If, like me, you have left it a bit late to do all the work, then you will really have to pull out all the stops. So, get down to business now before it really is too late. Once you get cracking, you’ll realise that it’s not too bad after all and you’ll start gaining in confidence, doing more and more revision and sowing the seeds of success.

Don’t be tempted to throw in the towel and when you eventually get past the most of your study, you’ll realise that there is light at the end of the tunnel and the end is in sight. What a great feeling! Come on! You’ve got nothing to lose. If you do the work that you know you’ve got to do, then it will be all right on the night. Once you’ve got through these exams, the sky’s the limit! So, fingers crossed for anyone who’s working towards exams this summer – including me!

Idioms about ‘Success’

Look on the bright side
be positive
sb who has the potential to do very well in education or business
Hungry for success
sb who is ambitious
Stop at nothing
will do anything for success
Pull your socks up
make an effort to improve your behaviour or work because it is not good enough
Set your sights on sth
to decide to do sth successfully
Don’t get left behind
Pull out all the stops – do everything you possibly can to achieve sth
Sow the seeds for success
do things/actions that are known to be positive and will help you
There’s light at the end of the tunnel
positive feeling because you are near the end of a difficult period or job
The end is in sight
near the end of a difficult period or job
It’ll be all right on the night
up to standard or good enough whe you are tested on sth
You’ve got nothing to lose
you should take a risk because things can’t get any worse
The sky’s the limit
you can achieve anything
Fingers crossed
good luck

Idioms about ‘Stopping’ and ‘Starting’

Throw in the towel
stopping and admitting you are defeated
Get the ball rolling
Get down to business
Get cracking

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